This revolutionary New Product will revolutionise the cleaning industry and will either be a very lucrative addition to your existing business or indeed a good start-up business opportunity.

The Pole Pod is designed to clean assorted items (windows, caravans, cars, conservatories, boats solar panels etc) by using a telescopic pole that sprays pure water onto the surface then rinses off the dirt drying to a crystal clear finish as all the impurities have been removed so there is nothing to dry and leave a white deposit on the surface. (See home page for product details and videos)

How do you benefit?

As a distributor/stockist you will be in on the wave of high profile marketing activities we will be undertaking throughout the launch year, you will be able to add this product to your existing service/product offering to make extra revenue from initial sales and the repeat business from the Pod refills and accessories.

Our UK research has proven that there is a huge desire for house holders to be able to clean various external aspects of their own homes either to save money or just to maintain their property.

Plus we will be launching Market specific variations on the pole pod for key industries i.e. a Caravan cleaning pole pod with a special pole.

There will also be a variety of Pods i.e. containing our water purifying crystals, degreasing agent, detergents etc.

Our Distributor support packages; (depends on type of agreement)- drop shipping may be considered please ask for details.

We offer a variety of marketing and promotional support tools to help you sell the Pole Pod:

  • Full set of High resolution photographs
  • Video files
  • Counter top display aids
  • Banner stands
  • Complete point of display board
  • Discounted Samples
  • Promotional promo-cards

We wil also promote our agents via out website and at exhibitions and mailshots.

You will also receive:

  • Hot enquiries from us as well as those generated from your own promotions
  • Full product training
  • Technical and sales support hotline

There is considerable benefits to be achieved as you progress up the distributor categories, the more you sell the more you earn and we will support you all the way.

The Next Step:

- Request a call back to discuss becoming a distributor/stockist by filling out the call back box

- Email us and we will contact you

- Call us and ask for Stuart, Sean or Ann

We look forward to hearing from you

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