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The Pole Pod System with its revolutionary pure water cleaning process

And Telescopic cleaning pole enables you to clean the outside of your

home to a professional standard at a fraction of the cost.


Why should I use a Pole Pod?

Because there are impurities and chemicals dissolved in your tap water and

When the water dries on your windows it leaves these behind an unsightly white

Powdery residue or spotting, this is why purifying the water first leave the surface

Spotlessly clean.

Watch video of it in action here:


How it works

Water from the tap is passed through the pod producing de-ionised water which removes

Impurities & cleans to a residue clear finish.


How easy is it to use?

We have made it exceptionally easy; you simply connect the Purification Pod to

Your water source tap then to a hose reel if necessary then to the tubing

at the bottom of the telescopic pole switch on and the water is purified

Immediately. (see instruction on how to increase the purification life of your Pod)


The Pod comes with full instructions and you can watch a video of how simple it is

to use on our website or click this link to watch the video:

·        Quick & Easy to Assemble

·        Cleans to a Crystal Clear finish

·        Reach Inaccessible Areas

·        Reduce Exterior Maintenance

·        Cleans Windows & Frames, cars, boats, conservatories, soffits & fascias and more…

·        Massive Reach up to 21ft

·        Safer than Ladders

·        Saves you money and helps maintain your property

·        Lightweight  Telescopic Pole

·        Assorted Accessories Available

·        Pays for itself, Over and Over

·        Clean when you want, no need to wait for your window cleaner to turn up

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