"The Evidence is clear" here are some  of our satisfied customers telling you 
their experiences with the pole pod to give you Peace of Mind...



A big thank you to you all at PolePod, my husband was running out of jobs to do around the home since his retirement and has started getting in my way indoors (I love him really)... I saw your advert and thought  “what a great product”,  it can keep him busy cleaning the windows, conservatory, cars, garage doors, green house, under the guttering  etc. I would nearly go as far as to say you have saved our marriage, well my sanity at least, keep up the good work.

Mrs Penwortham


Thanks Pole Pod I was getting really fed up with being let down by window cleaners. We have tried several and they all seem to turn up when it suits them, I asked one of them if he could clean the window over the conservatory and he said he couldn’t get to it with his ladders without standing on the conservatory, obviously I told him not to do that. I can now clean my windows when I want them cleaned, this is very convenient for when we have visitors coming, and I can easily reach the awkward windows with the telescopic pole, great product.

Stuart Graylaw


I just wanted to say how grateful we are to you for bringing out this much needed product. I lost my job last year and we have struggled to keep on top of things, so being able to do my own windows and  saving money as well as the money we spent on car cleaning as been a great help, every penny counts.

Ben Shawgrave


I just wanted to thank you for saving my husbands’ life, I know that sounds like an exaggeration but he insisted on cleaning our windows from his ladder and had to lean across to reach several windows. My heart was in my mouth, but he said there was no other way to reach them. Since we purchased the PolePod he can now clean the windows and a lot of other things from the safety of the ground and I can relax and have a cup of tea;  safe in the knowledge he won’t fall to his death.

Suzanne Fallowfield


I could not believe that at last someone has invented a product that I can clean and maintain the outside of my house with. I take care of my house as best I can and get it painted outside when it starts to look in need, and it really annoys me that in no time at all the paintwork on the barge boards under the guttering is covered in dirt and cobwebs making it look unsightly. Now at last I can use the PolePods long telescopic water fed pole to wash it all away at the same time as I am using it to clean my windows, I won’t have to spend too much money  on paint jobs now, thanks a lot.

Lee  Purvis


Nous remercions Brodex pour notre PolePod, ce système nous a vraiment aidés à garder l’extérieur de notre maison propre. Dans un premier temps nous l’avions acheté pour laver nos fenêtres mais nous le trouvons également idéal pour laver notre camping-car.


Pierre Lecossier




Gracias, gracias, muchas gracias nos encanta nuestro PolePod, ahora la casa brilla

dentro y fuera. Además nos ahorramos dinero en limpieza ya que tenemos tres coches,

por lo tanto mi hijo y mi marido ellos mismos se encargan de lavarlos cada uno a su

vez cada fin de semana.

Cristina Alvarez


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