Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of questions we have been asked by customers, we hope they will be of use to you.


Q: Why should I use a Pole Pod?

A: Because there are impurities and chemicals dissolved in your tap water (this varies from country to country and county to county) you may recognise this if you have “furring” lime scale build up in your kettle or Iron.

When the water dries on your windows or car for example, it leaves these behind as an unsightly white powdery residue or spotting, this is why purifying the water first, like the professionals do,  and will leave the surface Spotlessly clean.


Q: How much will a PolePod system cost me?

A: You will pay £120 ex carriage for the complete kit in England (varies in other countries) it will quickly pay for it's self and save you money on your window cleaning bills plus enable you to clean numerous other outdoor areas and items such as:

- Cars
- Garage doors
- Soffitts, barge boards, facias and under gutters
- Green house roofs
- Caravans
- Boats
- "Watch this space" our customers keep finding new uses for it...


Q: What do I get for my money?

A: You will receive a box that will contain everything you need to get started (see list below). If you do not have one will need to obtain a garden hose.

The Kit comprises of:

1 x Warranty card which you must use to register the purchase on the home page of the website to qualify.

1 x Professional window cleaners quality telescopic water fed pole, reaching approximately 22ft; it will vary depending on how tall you are, the pole is 19ft long when extended. It comes complete with water fed brush head with water jets, swivel neck attachment, connector to link to your hose pipe.

1 x Pod water purifying system.

2 x lengths of hose pipe to connect to both ends of the Pod (includes the hoselock type connectors).

1 x set of very comprehensive instructions; even though the PolePod is simple to set-up, we thought you would benefit from some tips on using a water fed pole at height.


Q: I dropped my Pod and it hit a brick and cracked what shall I do?

A: Do not worry these things happen; we will gladly replace it for you Free of charge just contact us with your details.


Q: Is it complicated and time consuming to set up?

A: No, it is very fast and simple; please see the Guide page and the video on the home page you will be very impressed.


Q: How do I know when the Pod has stopped purifying?

A: There is a rough guide to the Pod life on the Guide section of this website.

You will notice that the residue and spotting has returned after the area cleaned has dried or you may have purchased one of our water purity test meters either way you now need to replace the Pod.


Q: I connected everything as instructed which was very simple but the water did not come out through the other side of the Pod when the tap was turned on can you tell me why?

A: Yes, you have not removed the two bungs that are fitted in each end of the Pod when transported to you.


Q: My Pod did not last very long can you tell me why?

A: Yes, it is most likely that you forgot the instructions to clean the dirty area or windows with normal tap water first and then to use the Pod water to rinse leaving a crystal clear finish and conserving the life of the Pod.

Other reasons are: if you left the pod running when not in use and if you have turned your water pressure up to high, the Pod does not require high pressure levels to do its job.


Q: I cannot tighten one of the sections on my telescopic water fed pole?

A: Over time the surface of the pole sections rubs on the clamp and wares down, when this happens you will need to tighten the nut and bolt on the appropriate clamp.

Please note it is a reverse thread, you will need to depress the bolt head to release the pressure on the spring then using your fingers (Do not use tools) tight the bolt until the clamp firmly grips the pole.

Do not force the lever down if it needs forcing release the bolt off a bit.


Q: I have deep window sills and the Brush head cannot reach the bottom of the windows?

A: Professionals use an attachment called a Gooseneck which is a bar that extends the length and angle of the brush head to accommodate these circumstances. Please see our shop or contact your original supplier to purchase one, it fits on where the adjustable neck crank is now.


Q: I do not have a “Bib”  garden tap outside what can I do to use my Pod?

A: You will need to purchase a hoselock type connector to fit over your tap and connect to our hose pipe, you can then run the garden hose out through a window or door.


Q: I live in a large town house and the telescopic pole that cam with the kit does not reach the top level of window what can I do?

A: We have a large range of telescopic poles for you to chose from, please see our shop if the pole you need is not there contact us and we will make one specialllly for you.


Q: I find the pole a bit big ( I am not as young as I used to be) to clean my car and caravan with what do you suggest?

A: Don't worry we can suppply smaller poles for you or you may purchase our PolePod caravan cleaning kit. Please see our website shop or contact us we will be happy to help you.


Q: I have read about how much just a small layer of dirt or dust on my solar panels can reduce their efficiency and lose me money; can I use the PolePod to clean my solar panels?

A: Yes, this is exactly what the professional solar panel cleaning companies use (only there kit is a bit bigger because they have to do lots of panels).

You may need to purchase a longer pole to cater for the angle and distance you will need to stand to access the panels but the pole, water and brush head are all ideal  for cleaning your solar panels to the highest standard.


If we have not answered your query or concern please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you with the answer.

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