The Window cleaning poles range from 7ft reach to 35ft reach. Our window cleaning poles are constructed from Anodised Aluminium, making them strong and tough. These poles are the same as professional window cleaners use and they come complete with the brush head, pole hose, adjustable neck and the connector. Choosing the right length for you task: Please note that the window cleaning industry measure their poles from the hip, i.e therefore a 21ft pole will reach 21ft at arms length but may actually only extend to 18ft. Therefore please ensure when you are buying a pole you take this into consideration, if in doubt please call us for advice we are here to help.

7ft Window Cleaning Pole

18ft Window Cleaning Pole

21ft Window Cleaning Pole

31ft Window Cleaning Pole

35ft Window Cleaning Pole

Revolutionary DIY home exterior pure water cleaning system.

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